Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies understand that all children are individuals and so are their feet. 1 in 3 children require a different fitting for each foot and that’s why we ‘Fit Left Fit Right’!

Hush Puppies have developed a unique fitting system that measures each foot separately and with the use of ‘foot beds’ we are able to offer 5 fittings in each pair of shoes for each foot.

Only Hush Puppies have a unique set of precisely calibrated foot beds for each shoe, which are tailored to fit the individual foot.

All our shoes have up to 3 months growing room built in, therefore we always recommend that your child’s feet are re-measured at least every 3 months.



Spanish shoe manufacturer Garvalin, have spent the past 10 years engaged in exhaustive user trials & research into materials & techniques with the Biomecanics Institute of Valencia to design footwear suitable for children’s development & mobility at each developmental stage. With 100% natural microperforated lining, their range features removable inner soles incorporating exclusive Herbal treatment for beating odours, mould & bacteria. Materials & components are carefully chosen for their quality & lightness; ensuring that no shoe is heavier than the proportional age-appropriate weight for the child’s body weight.



Shoe manufacturer since 1947, GBB is the French specialist leader in high quality children’s shoes. Thanks to its own design office together with the skills of a team of independent designers, GBB makes all the prototypes, develops all the products in France and supervises all the shoe fittings to create a collection of unequalled quality and creativity. 

A team of independent designers from various sectors, who are always looking for new ideas, bring their creative touch to each collection, under the responsibility of a technician, guaranteeing good fitting.

In order to maintain and improve its level of quality, GBB carefully selects leathers and raw materials as well as its sub-contractors. The development of the collections is associated with the consumers’ requirements.

In 2011, GBB relocated its production unit into the European Union. With the acquisition of this production unit in Portugal, GBB has ensured consistent supervision of the quality of its products as well as reducing the impact of its carbon footprint.


The Catimini brand was created by Monique & Paul Salmon in 1972. Catimini now own 50 stores & are represented in 40 countries worldwide. The Catimini concept is that children are inspired by travel and cultural fusions, children evolve from one world to another, from one style to another. They are constantly exploring, forever changing, using their imagination and having fun…
To tie in with their super-connected vision of the world, Catimini creates original shoes that leave room for the personality and desires of every child which are ideal for everyday use and for special occasions… From the youngest to the oldest, children live their lives in Catimini.


Since 1893, the Austrian based company Richter, has been designing & manufacturing high quality children’s shoes. 

Their international design team keep a watchful eye, for your little ones, on the latest lifestyle trends in adult fashion – so that they know today what matters tomorrow in the children's shoe market. With Richter shoes the styles are trendy, the cut is bold, and the colours vibrant yet always coordinated with each other. 

Richter shoes cover much more than just feet. They are produced to the highest standards, using only quality materials and pay particular attention to matching the fit to the child’s feet. Innovative product details and meticulous workmanship have always been a key priority. 

When children play, run and climb, they don’t waste time thinking about their shoes. That’s not their job - Richter do it for them. Richter shoes can join in all activities in all weather conditions and are the perfect footwear for all the day to day adventures, big and small, this great and exciting world has to offer!